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To join or renew your membership online, please fill in the form here if you have not already done so. All information is required unless otherwise indicated as optional.

(Alternatively, you can download a copy of the membership form here, and mail it and a check to the P.O. Box indicated on the form, along with your payment).

Dues are as follows:
$75.00 — admitted 5 years and over
$50.00 — admitted 3 to 5 years
$40.00 — admitted less than 3 years
$35.00 — special membership*
$20.00 — associate membership (law student)

*The special membership category includes attorneys employed (i) by state, federal, and local governments; (ii) by non-profit organizations; (iii) part-time and (iv) in special circumstances that would make payment of the regular membership dues a hardship. Please provide a written explanation for selecting special membership status.

Additional information

Years Admitted

5 years and over, admitted 3 to 5 years, admitted less than 3 years, special membership*, associate membership (law student)