The AWA is excited to announce the Food from the Bar Campaign raised #33,960 and 2,179 lbs. of food for Second Harvest Food Bank!  Special thanks goes out to Camille Bryant & Stephanie Graf Gamble for co-chairing this year’s campaign.

First place overall goes to McGlinchey Stafford! They had great participation across their firm and hosted their third annual “Anti-Hunger Games” competition. By raising over $16,000, McGlinchey Stafford has won an office snowball party.

Staines & Eppling is the winner for the per capita contest and has also won an office snowball party.

Overall, this campaign raised $33,960 and 2,179 lbs. of food for Second Harvest Food Bank, which is most appreciated and will be put to good use, ensuring that children and families in south Louisiana get the nutrition they need. Food from the Bar continues to grow each year and we look forward to further expansion in 2017. Second Harvest will send each firm a letter detailing the firm’s contribution to the campaign.

Special thanks to the following firms for their sponsorship, support and participation in this year’s campaign:

Baker Donelson
Baldwin Haspel
Barrasso Usdin
Galloway Johnson
Gordon Arata
Huber Slack
Irwin Fritchie
Jones Swanson
Kean Miller
McGlinchey Stafford
Newman Mathis
Phelps Dunbar
Plauche Maselli
Sessions Fishman
Sher Garner
Simon Peragine
Smith Stag
Staines & Eppling
Winsberg & Arnold

Finally, thank to our raffle prize donors:

Audubon Clubhouse Café
Audubon Park Golf Course
Belle Main Spa
Company Burger
Freret Street Yoga
Fulton Alley
Midway Pizza
Omni Royal Orleans
Paris Parker Uptown
Rusty Nail
Windsor Court