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In 1976 a few women in the legal profession came together to network and discuss the legal status of women in general, and, in particular, in Louisiana. At that time, there were only about 300 women attorneys in Louisiana, and these founding members sought a way to network and communicate with each other. The Association for Women Attorneys was born. Incorporated in 1985 as a non-profit corporation, the AWA has been a resource for information, networking and camaraderie in the metropolitan legal community of New Orleans and its environs. Our membership consists of every sector of the legal community–public and private practitioners in civil and criminal law; judges; professors; corporate counsel; law clerks; and law students–who regularly gather and share common experiences and goals. Generally, meetings are conducted during monthly luncheons at area restaurants and include a short address by a guest speaker, CLE seminars, or judicial forums. However, discussions are not limited to legal matters, and, as the pictures show, we have a lot of fun when we get together.

Since this site is designed as a vehicle to foster communication and to act as a resource, we invite the membership to forward submissions and ideas for our organization including wit and wisdom submissions, links of interest to our membership, and suggestions for making our organization even better. We are particularly interested in highlighting our members and their achievements and participation in the New Orleans community. Any suggestions for this site should be directed to the AWA.

We look to extend the resources of the AWA to everyone who visits this website by providing a chronicle of all the AWA activities throughout the year and regularly updated information on events and issues of legal, social and economic interest. We hope you will use – and contribute to – this website often.

The AWA is a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

AWA Mission Statement

The Association for Women Attorneys is a non-profit professional association whose membership includes both women and men and represents every sector of the legal community, including private practitioners from firms of every size and specialty, professors, judges, law clerks, corporate counsel, prosecutors, government lawyers and law students.

Through monthly membership luncheons, CLE seminars, information on our Website, and emails to members, as well as membership in the National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations, the goals of the AWA are threefold: (1) to foster the exchange of information among our members; (2) to encourage and facilitate the participation of women in economic and social decision-making in the community; and, (3) to advance the interests and improve the status of women in the legal profession and the status of women in our society.




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